"Revelation" demo laser show


Artwork: Dave Oxenreider, Singularity Arts
Music: Andy Hagerman, Singularity Arts

Summary:   Storyboard of demo show created entirely in 3D Studio MAX. Rendered into laser using Pangolin's 3DSM plug-in, Lasershow Converter MAX.

Status: The demo was first presented at the October 5 2000 Pangolin Meeting in Stuttgart Germany. It was presented as a work-in-progress, since some elements of the show have not yet been polished.
        The show, along with royalty-free music, will ultimately be made available FREE to all Lasershow Designer 2000 users.

Artistic description: "Revelation" is a trip through time. It starts with a mysterious sphere that emerges from water. The sphere splits open to reveal a 3D Pangolin logo. The bottom bar on the logo breaks off. We zoom towards the bar and then right down the center, with colors on all walls as we pass.
        We see various scenes from past, present and future. Each scene ends with a hovering bar to zoom us to the next scene. The entire demo ends with us in the future, where we see bars in orbit assemble themselves into a Pangolin logo, which is once again encased in the mysterious sphere.
        Both the visuals and the music are designed so that they can play over and over again, as in a trade show booth. The visuals start and end with the sphere in water; the music fades out and then fades back up again.

Technical description: "Revelation" uses computer graphics techniques such as fly-throughs and 3D zooms. In each scene, we fly around the objects before meeting the bar that takes us to the next scene.
        The show has 6000 frames. The frames shown here range from less than 1000 points per frame, to over 3000 ppf. The average animation rate is 30 frames per second -- this makes for exceptionally smooth motion.


Sphere reveals P-logo
Bar breaks off P-logo
We travel down the bar
Volcano with lava

Dinosaur from far away
Dinosaur close up
Giant comet hits Earth
Caveman campfire

Click for a larger view
Flying thru Manhattan
(Click on picture for a larger view)
Space station in orbit
Red planet: Mars
Planet-sized spaceship

P-logo bars assemble
P-logo rectangle assembles
Sphere closes on P-logo
4 locking parts fly into sphere

Why use 3DSM:
Since the graphics are created in 3D Studio MAX, features such as accurate perspective and true hidden-line removal are perfectly realized. No additional work is necessary by the artist. All that is required, is that the artist 1) know 3DSM and 2) have a basic understanding of laser requirements, such as a low object count and relatively simple objects.
        Here are some of the advantages of using 3D Studio MAX:

  • There are thousands of pre-built objects available. For example, the dinosaur was a public domain 3DSM model which was downloaded from a website. The artist did not have to create the dinosaur; only the simple landscape in which the dinosaur exists.

  • It is easier to do character animation, inverse kinematics, true morphs, etc. in 3DSM. In this demo, the dinosaur will ultimately be an animated character whose neck moves, eye blinks, etc. Maybe he'll even watch us as we fly by!

  • You can create multimedia shows with video and laser-overlaid highlights or characters, from the same 3DSM file. For example, if we wanted the dinosaur to be in laser and the background to be detailed terrain, we would first conventionally render the terrain, with the dinosaur specified as a traveling black matte. Then we would use Pangolin's Lasershow Converter MAX to render only the dinosaur in laser. The result is a video with a hole where the laser exactly fits. 

  • Scenes created in 3DSM can be re-purposed for other media, such as video, slides, printed material, etc.

  • Many more animators know 3D Studio MAX, than know specialized laser software. It is used by over 85,000 computer animators. Plus, there is a wide variety of books, tutorials, websites, etc. available for 3DSM.

About this page:  This page was created using the new web publishing feature in Lasershow Designer 2000. You specify what frames to publish, and details about your contact and project information. LD2000 then automatically uploads the completed HTML page to your website.
        In this case, the HTML page was further edited to add this text and make some formatting changes.


    2001, Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc. All rights reserved

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Pangolin Lasershow Designer 2000
Last updated: 2001-06-15