Pangolin 15-second ID show

  These frames are from a 15-second "identification" spot. It works the same way as other ID programs such as "Intel Inside": use the ID in your laser presentations, to show customers that you have the most advanced laser software in the world.
        The ID laser show also demonstrates the quality of 3D Studio MAX-created graphics. The artwork was created by Singularity Arts using 3DSM, and was converted to laser using Pangolin's Lasershow Converter MAX plug-in.

Experience the real thing

If you already have a Pangolin LD2000 system, you can download the actual 15-second ID laser show:

Get a simulation with Flash and AVI versions

If you don't have a Pangolin 2000 system, here are two ways to see the 15-second ID show:

  • Download a Flash movie (441 KB) showing what the laser version looks like. Includes music. (Requires a Flash or Shockwave player on your browser. If you do not have this player, click here for the player download page.)
    Frame from Flash movie
  • Download an AVI movie (4 MB) showing the original 3D Studio MAX video. Includes music and filled-in graphics (NOT laser-like outlines)
    Frame from AVI movie

Thumbnail frames from the Pangolin 15-second ID

The thumbnails below are so small that the lines have prominent jaggies. A higher-quality view of any thumbnail frame is available by clicking on it. This will bring up an enlarged version that more accurately shows what the laser frame looks like.



Click to see Flash-animated version


Click for larger photo
Laser closeup
LCMax Frame 31
Click for larger photo
Camera backs away
LCMax Frame 40
Click for larger photo
Beam emerges...
LCMax Frame 48
Click for larger photo
...goes past viewer...
LCMax Frame 59

Click for larger photo
...hits mirror 1...
LCMax Frame 95
Click for larger photo
...hits mirror 2...
LCMax Frame 121
Click for larger photo
..hits mirror 3...
LCMax Frame 162
Click for larger photo
...and into projector
LCMax Frame 169

Click for larger photo
Through PCAOM
LCMax Frame 182
Click for larger photo
PCAOM colors beam
LCMax Frame 193
Click for larger photo
Towards scanners
LCMax Frame 205
Click for larger photo
Scanning beams...
LCMax Frame 238

Click for larger photo
...towards wall
LCMax Frame 263
Click for larger photo
Scanning 3D bars
LCMax Frame 295
Click for larger photo
Almost finished...
LCMax Frame 330
Click for larger photo Pangolin logo
LCMax Frame 480



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Created using:
Pangolin Lasershow Designer 2OOO