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Pangolin provides clip art frames and shows in the LD2000\Frames and LD2000\Shows directories. We normally do not make custom frames or shows.
        One good way to find frames or shows is to put a message on the Pangolin Laserchat discussion forum. This is an excellent resource, so we encourage you to check it out, as soon as you get your Pangolin system. Once you are on a list, you can then send a message when you are looking for specific frames or shows.
        The following companies and individuals have frames or shows available. These may already be programmed, or you can contact them to see if they will do custom work. (If you do such work and are not on the list, please contact Pangolin to have your name added.) The list is alphabetical by company.

Tim Bennett
Argon Animation Inc.
5th Floor Builder's Center Building
170 Salcedo Street
Legaspi Village
Makati, Manila, 1229
Phone: (+63) 920 913 4670
Formats: ILDA, LD
Notes: We are the only registered company in the Philippians dedicated exclusively to professional show production, digitizing, programming and Lasershow Converter MAX conversion, as well as other laser services for any part of the world. We have over 15 years of experience with 8 years in Southeast Asia and have completed well over 400 shows in the last 4 years. Contact us for any kind of show needs -- large or small.

Mike Dunn
FirstLight Laser Productions
4301A Lindbergh Drive
Addison, Texas 75001
(972) 418-1100, fax (972) 418-1106
Member, International Laser Display Association
Awards: Second place, 1995 Brewster Award (for Right Now)
Formats: LD for Windows (Showtime), ADAT, ILDA-format frames
Work: Stock frames, stock and custom shows for planetariums, theaters, and similar venues.

Jeff O'Donnell
Flying Pictures Intl. Ltd
New Zealand
Phone: +64 9 889 4021
PO Box 106910 Auckland 1143
Phone: +61 2 9982 50955
20 Quirk St, Dee Why, NSW 2099
Formats: LD2000, 3D Studio MAX, ILDA frames
Work: Auckland and Sydney based, producing original laser events since 1987.
Custom logo and character animation using 3dsmax. Simple corporate logos to complex character work, with motion capture and lip-sync. Production of laser and matching video background for time-locked shows. Graphics built to music. Talking characters. Dancers. Plus complete show design and performance as well. Email us a logo for quick-turn around for corporate events, with video-preview uploaded for client approval.

Joseph Suehle
Image Engineering
3437 South Hanover Street
Baltimore, MD 21225
(410) 355-2055, fax: (410) 355-2054
Formats: LD2000, LD text fonts and ILDA frames, animations and shows.
Work: Highest quality custom animation, digitizing, show programming for Pangolin / ILDA systems. Techniques range from logos and hand animation digitizing to 3D Studio models and graphics creation for all types of shows including sports, corporate, and festivals. Multi-media programming and timecode-driven show control available.
Awards: ILDA Award-winning digitizing, graphic modules, and outdoor shows.

Terrence Green
International Laser Productions
(see our banner ad at the top of this page)

Nusa Dua
Bali Indonesia
+ 62 ( 361 ) 771752, fax: + 1 ( 707 ) 885-4564
Member, Laser Display Designers Association
Format: LD2000, LC-MAX, 3D Studio MAX, LDB, LDS, ILDA
Work: Stock & Project Custom LD Frames / Clip Art / Animations Complete Custom Shows in Showtime delivered on floppy or CD ROM
CD Available: "Frames and Shows 2002" and "Max Frames Volume 1"

Stephen Heminover
Laser City Studios
775 West Jackson Blvd., 4th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60661
(312) 466-0181, fax 466-0235
Awards: Numerous ILDA Awards for artistic achievement
Formats: LD for Windows (Showtime), ADAT, ILDA-format frames
Work: Extensive catalog of frames and animations, Stock and custom shows for planetariums, corporate presentations, theme parks, etc.
"Tuesday's Day Off" show which was released to all LD users in early 1997.

Alberto Kellner
Laser Entertainment srl
Via Licurgo 6
20126 Milan Italy
+39 (022) 700 70 64, fax 700 21 28
Awards: ILDA Awards from 1996-2000 in categories including Multimedia, Outdoor Show, Indoor Show, and Graphic Module.
Formats: LD for Windows (Showtime), ADAT
Work: Laser shows from creative concept and programming, to multimedia productions.

Yousri El Gazar
Laseronics Design Interstellar
22 El Rashid Street
12411 Mohandessin, Egypt
00202 304 82 61, fax 002012 316 92 10
Awards: ILDA Awards from 2002 onward.
Formats: LD/LD2000/Showtime
Work: We offer hand drawn and digitized laser frames, animations and custom artwork for companies who need these service or plan to outsource this. Our Artwork is unique, you will not find it on any other animation web page. Related to lasers or not.

Derek Garbos
LaserTech Canada
Pointe-Claire, Quebec
H9R1H9 Canada
(+1) 514 941 6777
Formats: LD2000/QuickShow/ILDA
Service: For those who do not have time to create logos or for those who do not know how to create logos. LaserTech Canada will create them for you. Since many laser shows are booked at the last minute, this service will help ease the panic of preparation. As well, the "playback only" type user will benefit from the ability to sell logos to their clients and have them professionally prepared. Still shots may also be created from other various forms of artwork. This cost-effective service offers a quick turnaround of typically 24 hours or less.

Jay Heck
LFI International
11410 NE 124th Street, Suite 630, Bellevue, Kirkland, Washington 98034, (425) 644-2777, fax (425) 576-9533. Web: Contact: Jay Heck.
Awards: Over 20 years of ILDA and Pangolin Awards for artistic and technical achievements, 1988-present
Formats: LD/Showtime, ILDA, ADAT, Lumisphere/Omniscan
Work: Many products including the "LFI Showcase" song modules and "Fanta-CD" laser clipart and animation library.
Click here to see a partial list of laser shows available from LFI.

L. Michael Roberts
Laser F/X International
Unit P - 1153 Pioneer Road
Burlington Ontario
Canada L7M 1K5
Awards: ILDA Awards for artistic achievement, Third Place, 1994 Pangolin Prize
Formats: Pangolin LDA-format [Amiga and LD-Windows compatible]; ILDA-format frames; Pangolin LSD1000-format frames
Work: Award winning Laser Clip-art, frames and animations in X-Y and X-Y-I-C formats at reasonable prices; Catalogue on-line at ''
Sample clip-art (LD\Frames\Clip_Art\LaserFX directory)

Dave Oxenreider
Singularity Arts, Inc.
1275 Sandy Lane
Boiling Springs, PA 17007 U.S.A.
Tel: (717) 319-1452, Fax: (717) 258-8060
Formats: LD for Windows (Showtime), ADAT, ILDA-format frames, custom format frames
Work: Scientific and astronomical shows and imagery for planetaria and science centers. VB scripts for fine-tuned mathematical control of timing, position, morphing, movement and animation - all transferable to Showtime. Programs for automation, integration and control of Showtime and VB shows with other devices.

Bernd Steinert
Heinz-Katzenberger-Straίe 6b
85764 Oberschleissheim, GERMANY
Tel: +49-89-532486, Fax: +49-721-151461003
Formats: LD2000, 3D Studio MAX
Work: - the worldwide online shop for high quality Pangolin LD2000 lasershows for everyone's budget to timeless and up-to-date music ranging from classic to techno. Ongoing we release new shows that haven't been seen often yet. Every show is designed with great care for the detail in hundreds of programming hours. There are shows to suit everybody’s taste from product presentation to disco events. Show prices start at 70 EUR. Packages and subscriptions are also available. Visit our website to see video previews or order free show previews now.

David Kennedy
Strictly FX
1230 Jarvis Avenue
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Tel: (847) 290-0272, Fax: (847) 290-0273
Formats: LD and ILDA; frames, animations and shows. Primarily custom work.
Work: Custom frames for corporate-quality graphics and beam shows.
Awards: ILDA Award-winning shows

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