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Sample FLASH laser animation
This scene from Pangolin's show demonstrates how Lasershow Converter FLASH turns Adobe FLASH files into laser animations.
     To save download time on the web, we removed frames from the animation -- the actual laser show movement is much smoother than what you see above.
Adobe FLASH is a registered trademark of Adobe Inc.

Lasershow Designer 2000, Lasershow Converter MAX and Lasershow Converter FLASH are trademarks of Pangolin Laser Systems Inc.

Now you can make sophisticated laser images by working directly with Adobe FLASH files. This auto-digitizing magic is accomplished by Lasershow Converter FLASH, Pangolin's latest conversion program. This product is available and shipping.
        The Lasershow Converter FLASH program enables computer graphic artists to convert 2D objects and scenes into laser outlines. The result can be as simple as a single-frame logo, or as complex a complete laser show.

Award-winning technology

Lasershow Converter FLASH is an amazing advance in software for use with laser displays, and it is based on the same LC-Max auto-digitizing engine that received a First Place ILDA 2001 Fenning Award for Technical Achievement.

How to see finished FLASH-created laser shows

To demonstrate the amazing capabilities of Lasershow Converter FLASH, Pangolin provides "Road show", a complete laser show done exclusively with Adobe FLASH. Additional downloadable demos will be available soon.

Why use Adobe FLASH

Click to see full-size pictureThe pictures at right show Adobe FLASH scenes, and then the laser version of those scenes. (Click on the picture for a full-size view.) Using FLASH will save you time and help you create better shows. Here's why:

  • Features such as perfect point placement and true hidden-line removal are perfectly realized. No additional work is necessary by the artist. All that is required, is that the artist 1) have some knowledge of FLASH and 2) have a basic understanding of laser requirements, such as a low object count and relatively simple objects.

  • There are thousands of FLASH scenes available. For example, the "Road show" demo that we include with Lasershow Converter FLASH is a public domain FLASH file which was downloaded from a website.

  • It is easier to do animation, text effects, true morphs, etc. in Adobe FLASH.

  • Scenes created in Adobe FLASH can be re-purposed for other media, such as the web, slides, printed material, etc.

  • Many more artists and animators know Adobe FLASH, than know specialized laser software. It is used by over 100,000 computer animators. Plus, there is a wide variety of books, tutorials, websites, etc. available for Adobe FLASH.

Quick conversion from computer to laser

Working with lasers within Lasershow Converter FLASH is fast and natural. It typically takes far less than a second to convert a computer graphics frame into laser graphics. Hidden line removal and object occlusion (“masking”) is automatic. An entire laser animation can be quickly stored, and then played back in realtime to check object motion.
        Once laser frames are rendered in Lasershow Converter FLASH, they can be saved to LD2000 or ILDA format. For performance playback, LD2000’s “Showtime” program is ideal. It can add more graphics, beams, abstracts, and other events such as DMX lighting cues.

Free for LD2000 Pro and Basic users

Lasershow Converter FLASH is free for LD2000 PRO and Basic users and it is automatically installed if you have the latest LD2000 Installation CD/DVD set.

How to order for LD2000 Intro users

You can order your Lasershow Converter FLASH system today. Just let us know the serial number of the LD2000 system you'll be using.
        With your Lasershow Converter FLASH software, you'll also receive several example files, including a "Road show" -- a 3 1/2 minute Showtime show which contains over 4500 frames rendered from Lasershow Converter FLASH.

What is required

Lasershow Converter FLASH requires Lasershow Designer 2000 and ideally you should also have Adobe FLASH. This is because the software uses files that can be created and edited by Adobe FLASH.

  • Lasershow Designer 2000 and Lasershow Converter FLASH can be purchased through any Pangolin dealer or this website.

  • Adobe FLASH can be purchased through resellers listed on the Adobe website:

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