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Lasershow Converter MAX
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Lasershow Designer 2000 is by far the world's best-selling and most-used system for creating and displaying laser shows. It is simple enough that first-time users can play shows "out of the box" within minutes. Yet, it has an incredible amount of depth -- just about anything you want to do with laser graphics and beams, you can do with LD 2000. Plus, while playing the laser show, the LD2000 software suite can also control other types of media, such as audio, video, DMX-controlled moving lights and pyro.

This page gives you a good overview of all the products within the LD2000 family. Click on links to find out much more about the products you're interested in.

Lasershow Designer 2000

This is the heart of the family. For many users, an LD2000 system is all they need to produce high-quality, client-pleasing shows. LD2000 comes with the following software and hardware:

A Lasershow Designer 2000 system includes...

The CD/DVD set is packed with programs, help files, frames, shows and music.


LD2000 software: A suite of programs and utilities that work together to create and sequence images into animated laser shows and beam effects, all played back with audio, video, DMX-controlled lights and pyro. The software runs on Windows computers (2000, ME, XP, Vista). LD2000 programs include:
  • LD2000 drawing and graphics program
  • Showtime timeline-based show creation& playback program
  • Autoplay simple, automatic show playback program, with included scrolling text capability
  • Live! cue triggering utility. Designed for performing at live events such as corporate theater
  • TraceIT bitmap graphic tracing utility to automatically turn pictures into laser outlines
  • Lasershow Video VST -- real-time video to laser converter
  • Asteroids a laser version of the classic video game
  • AVS-Laser music visualization plug-in for the popular Windows Media Player called Winamp
  • Over 120 free shows and demos -- get started right away! Fifteen of these shows include royalty-free music.
  • Over 300,000 laser frames and animations -- including the complete Lightspeed Design library
  • A tutorial DVD showing how to use the main features of LD2000 and Showtime

Click here to read more about the QM2000 board

QM2000 hardware board: This goes in a slot in a desktop computer, or in a QM2000.NET box on your laptop's network. The QM2000 board does all of the crucial calculations, and it holds all of the laser frames and show content.

The LD2000 software and hardware is available in three levels, depending on how many features you need:

  • LD2000 Professional, $4995. Our top-level laser software. This version includes the greatest number of features, and also includes LivePRO, Lasershow Converter FLASH and Lasershow Converter 4D.

  • LD2000 Basic, $2495. Most of the power of LD2000 Pro, but with reduced 3D frame creation capabilities and reduced colors. Also includes Lasershow Converter FLASH and Lasershow Converter 4D.

  • LD2000 Intro, $1495. Most economical choice, but still retaining a lot of capability from its higher-priced counterparts.

Prices subject to change without notice. See price list page for current pricing. 

Additional lasershow products

Pangolin sells other lasershow products. Some require LD2000 to work; others are standalone products such as the Flashback 3 embedded laser projector controller card. Each of our products is designed to help laserists produce the best and most advanced shows.

Software to convert computer graphics to laser

Laser show graphics are usually outline drawings -- also called "vector images". These are eye-catching, as they are very different from standard raster computer graphics. The four programs below let you convert computer graphics into laser vector images. This can save time, improve quality, and allow a non-laser artist to create shows. 

Click here to learn about Lasershow Converter MAX Lasershow Converter MAX: Converts Autodesk 3ds Max graphics and animations to laser

Lasershow Converter MAX LITE: Lower-cost version of LC MAX; great as a workstation for MAX owners

Lasershow Converter FLASH: Converts Adobe Flash graphics and animations to laser

Lasershow Converter 4D: Converts Cinema 4D graphics and animations to laser

Play laser shows live

As mentioned above, the main LD2000 software suite includes cue-triggering software called Live!. This lets you use the computer keyboard to play back effects, scenes, songs and complete shows. If you need more power, Pangolin has two add-on products designed specifically for nightclubs, raves and other intensive live performance venues.

Click here to read more about LivePRO

LivePRO software: An advanced visual synthesizer with 1700 cues that can be changed, layered and played live, in realtime. LivePRO is included free with LD2000 Professional. Users of LD2000 Basic and LD2000 Intro can purchase LivePRO as an extra add-on.

Click here to learn about the Lasershow Performer Console

Lasershow Performer hardware console: A button box with programmable knob. Its easier and more fun to use Lasershow Performer to control Live! or LivePRO, instead of using a standard computer keyboard.

Preview the entire show

Click here to go to the LIGHT CONVERSE web site

LIGHT CONVERSE is a program that does real time photorealistic rendering of lights, trusses, staging, and now lasers. Professional users will enjoy the ability to show clients mock stages of how their laser shows will look along with other multimedia content.

Now you can visualize the output of all LD2000 programs (including customer-written programs that use the LD2000 SDK) through the third-party visualization program LIGHT CONVERSE.

Operate with other equipment

Click here to read more about the TC2000

Lasershow Timecode TC2000
SMPTE controller:
Read and write SMPTE timecode, for use with other AV and production equipment.


DMX controller boards: As mentioned above, the LD2000 software suite can control lighting and theatrical equipment using DMX-512 devices, including decoder and controller boards to output DMX512 signals.

Laser-projected SMS messaging

Click here to read about our SMS and MMS software

Interactive Messaging Unlimited software and cellular modem: Get incoming SMS messages into your computer, and see them projected live. This highly sophisticated system filters and processes messages, and outputs approved messages through either laser or video output.
     Although IMU is most popular for video applications, the laser output is still available for projects such as writing SMS messages at a trade show or on the side of a mountain.

Hardware for playing back shows

An LD2000 system can be used to create and playback shows. However, many users only need playback capability. These hardware devices can be put near or in a laser projector. Unskilled operators can easily play shows in this way.

Click here to read about the Flashback 3
Flashback 3 OEM laser controller: A credit-card sized board using a Compact Flash card to store lasershow data and music files. Designed primarily to be built into projectors.

Click here to learn more about the QM2000.NET

QM2000.NET laser controller: Need to control many projectors at once? Or want to run Lasershow Designer 2000 software on your notebook? The QM2000.NET box includes a QM2000 playback board and an interface to standard computer networks.
    You can place laser projectors far away from a central LD2000 controller, and send signals down the network to QM2000.NET boxes. Some clients have remotely controlled over a dozen remote projectors in this way.
     You can also create and play back LD2000 shows using notebook computers (since they don�t have slots for the QM2000 board, but they do have network connectors).


Advanced programming, and custom projects

Lasershow Designer 2000 software has been in continuous development since 1986. There are a lot of specialized routines we have created, to control laser beams and graphics. This highly optimized code is at the heart of all Pangolin laser programs.

Click here to learn how the LD2000 SDK was used at SIGGRAPH

The LD2000 Software Development Kit (SDK) gives you access to laser-specific routines. This lets you create your own custom application.
     Some example uses include industrial laser systems for alignment, scientific systems for 3D visualization using vector graphics, and even gaming. (At SIGGRAPH 2007, Pangolin software was used to project laser versions of classic vector videogames such as Asteroids, Battlezone and Tempest.)

Wide-angle scanning solutions for projectors

Click here to read about Pangolin's wide angle lenses

Discoscan wide-angle scanning system: Use this to project laser beams in a circle or anywhere in a sphere (like a laser disco mirror ball). Best used for nightclubs and similar venues outside the U.S. where audience scanning is more common.


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