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  More about upgrades

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Upgrade policies     

In order to receive upgrade pricing, the QM32 board must be returned to Pangolin (in any condition).

First priority is given to new LD2000 orders. Therefore, there may be a wait for upgrades.    


If you own a Lasershow Designer (QM32) system, you can upgrade to the new LD2000 system at a reduced price.
        For example, a new LD2000 Pro system has a list price of $4995 USD. You can trade in your old QM32 (any version) and get a new LD2000 Pro for only $2495.
        Below is specific pricing information on new systems and upgrades. For upgrade policies, see the information in the left-hand column of this page.
(for comparison with Upgrade Pricing)
List prices in U.S. dollars. Dealer prices may vary.
Prices for all LD2000 systems include shipping and handling.
Professional level LD2000 Pro: $4995
Basic level LD2000 Basic: $2495
Intro level LD2000 Intro: $1495

For end-users with older QM32 boards. Dealers, check with Pangolin for special pricing.
Prices for all LD-to-LD2000 upgrades include shipping and handling.

Upgrade from LD/QM32 (any) LD2000 Professional  
$2495 with trade-in of QM32 Pro
Upgrade from LD/QM32 (any) LD2000 Basic
$1495 with trade-in of QM32 Basic
Upgrade from LD/QM32 (any) LD2000 Intro

$1045 with trade-in of QM32 Intro

The remainder of this page answers questions which some clients and potential customers have had, regarding updates vs. upgrades.

Updates vs. upgrades

At Pangolin, we have always provided free software updates. This means that if you have a program such as Lasershow Designer, you will always have the latest version -- for free! You can get the latest version simply by ordering a new installation CD or by downloading from the website.
        However, we cannot provide free upgrades, when you move from one system to another. For example, moving from LD Intro to LD Pro is an upgrade; so is moving from LD to LD2000. In these cases, you are getting new capabilities, so an upgrade charge must be applied.

Generous upgrade policy

We feel that our upgrade policy is generous compared to the policies of laser show hardware suppliers such as laser companies, scanner companies, PCAOM manufacturers, computer manufacturers, digitizing tablet companies, etc.
        In fact, we are unaware of any companies where you can turn in your old laser, scanners, PCAOM, computer, digitizing tablet or other equipment and get a brand-new one with ten times the power for a discounted price.

More about updates

From the time Lasershow Designer was first released in 1993, continuing through 1999, every LD user has received all new features for free. These features can be obtained by downloading from our website, or by ordering the latest LD Installation CD. (We do charge a small fee for the CD-ROM disc, order processing, and shipping.)
        The free features that we introduced over those six years include abstracts, vector frames, raster frames, Showtime (LD originally had no timeline program), and the Live! control screen. These features also include about 30 shows and about 50,000 clip art frames worth perhaps $12,000 to $25,000.
        Of course, these features were not free to Pangolin. For six years we paid for our programmers, for clip art and show distribution rights, for general overhead and for other costs. Our users received the fruits of these labors for free.
        But we want our customers to have the latest version, and be able to do the best possible shows, without any additional cost. So this is why we have such a generous policy.

More about upgrades

As you might expect, when a new hardware generation is introduced, it is not included in the free software update policy.
        For example, an automobile dealer does not automatically upgrade you from the 1998 model to the 1999 model. A computer manufacturer does not send you new motherboards. Similarly, it is not a practical possibility for us to provide a new system for free or for low cost.
        Lasershow Designer 2000 has completely different hardware and operating system software which took over two years of time and effort to develop. Because of the hardware and software improvements, we can now add features which were not possible on the older LD system. These features include software geometric correction, vastly improved raster frames, feathered line endings, and DMX capability.
        Many more improvements will be made available -- for free to LD2000 users -- in the months and years to come. This is one reason we want to help our users move to LD2000: they will benefit for years to come.

  This page last updated: Wednesday, Januari 29, 2020

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