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If you're looking for the best laser software, with the most features, most advanced technology, and most support -- Lasershow Designer 2000 is the one for you. Here are some of the features that set LD2000 apart from any other laser software. Click on any topic to jump to specific information:

The most popular laser system

  • LD2000: Winner of far more ILDA AwardsPangolin's LD and LD2000 programs are used by more people than any other laser system in the world. We have over 10000 users, spread over 63 countries. Other systems are far less popular, with fewer users and less of a global reach. If you need to hire a programmer, or rent a system in a far-off city, you have a smaller selection.

  • Shows created using LD and LD2000 have won far more international artistic awards in recent years. Other systems are far behind LD's record. Some systems have won few or no awards, even after years of being on the market.

  • The hardware and software in LD2000 has won far more international technology awards than any other system. This includes a 2000 ILDA Technology Achievement Award for the QM2000 board that is the heart of Lasershow Designer 2000. Other systems have only a few, or no, technology awards. 



The most advanced technical features

  • Amazing photorealistic frames -- only in LD2000LD2000 gives you an entirely new class of laser effects to work with: photorealistic raster frames. Pangolin, along with Lightspeed Design, invented "laser photos" for standard projectors in 1995. Since that time, we have increased the resolution and number of colors possible. These improvements give LD2000 even better-looking photos, thanks to its full-color system and its highest-available laser resolution. Most other systems do not offer raster frames at all, and the systems that have raster frames do not offer the truly photorealistic color rendition that LD2000 offers.

  • LD2000 has output up to 130,000 points per second. This is especially important for raster (video) frames, and to support any faster scanners that may be introduced. Most other systems have standard rates up to 50,000 pts/sec. -- 166% slower.

  • LD2000 can mix and match soft and hard line endings in a single frame. You can draw a hard-edge graphic such as a building, along with soft-edge graphics such as wispy clouds, in the same frame. Most other systems do not offer soft line endings, or they only let you choose between either hard or soft -- but not at the same time.


The most advanced DMX512 and multimedia support

  • LD2000 easily controls intelligent lightingLD2000 has comprehensive DMX512 capability, with the ability to easily control intelligent lights and other DMX devices. Over 200 DMX fixture definitions are included so you can get started right away. This is especially important since DMX is the control system chosen by the International Laser Display Association. Most other systems either can't control DMX, or use a hard-to-program method that makes certain effects impractical or impossible.

  • LD2000 has realtime video tracing, either in raster or outline modes, using the included Lasershow Video VST program. Most other systems do not offer live video tracing.

  • LD2000 has the broadest multimedia support including CD audio, MP3, WAV, AVI, MPG, MOV, WMA, WMV and MIDI files. Most other systems only offer CD or WAV formats.

  • LD2000 can synchronize the laser display to external signals for video or film synchronization. This goes beyond SMPTE timecode, to having the laser output trigger at the exact same time that a video or film system begins showing a frame.  Most other systems do not offer frame-accurate video sync and some other systems do not even offer SMPTE timecode support.


The most shows and frames

  • LD2000 gives you over 100 shows and over 300,000 framesLD2000 includes over 120 free laser shows and demos. (Just the shows alone are worth far more than the cost of an LD2000 system!) Many of these shows have won ILDA, Brewster and Pangolin awards. Most other systems have around 20 shows, and only on their most expensive systems.

  • LD2000 includes over 300,000 frames including the entire Lightspeed Laser Animation Library. (As with shows, the value of the frames far exceeds the cost of an LD2000 system.) The total number counts frames within shows, clip-art frames, and frames from International Laser Productions are also included with all LD2000 systems.


The easiest way to find and share frames

  • Clipart search screen in LD2000Only LD2000 has a clipart search function to help you find the frame you need. You can browse through your entire collection, or search for specific criteria such as frame notes, frame type, or colors. No other laser system has such a comprehensive way of quickly finding the frames you need.

  • LD2000 has enhanced file dialog boxes to aid in show, frame and image selection. As you select a file to load, you can preview laser frames and bitmap files, and see descriptive text for frames, and shows. Most other systems do not have enhanced dialog boxes or any other way of previewing what you are loading.

  • LD2000 lets you easily publish frames and animations to Internet web pages. With just a few mouse clicks, clients anywhere in the world can see storyboards of their show, or you can show clipart frames that you're selling (click here for an example). No other laser systems have the ability to publish directly to web pages. 


The easiest and most accurate way to create frames

  • LD2000 directly reads the Wacom IntuosIf you need to trace 2D artwork, LD2000 has direct support for pressure-sensitive digitizing tablets such as the Wacom Intuos. With pressure-sensitivity, you can easily create soft (faded) lines just by varying the pen pressure. Most other systems do not directly support digitizing tablets or pressure-sensitivity. In general, other systems can use tablets only in "mouse" mode, which severely restricts the drawing area resolution.

  • If you need to create frames from existing digital pictures, only LD2000 has the ability to auto-trace color pictures in BMP, JPG and GIF format. And it is the only system where you can choose between traditional outline traces, and new photorealistic raster traces. No other system has color tracing; one system has monochrome tracing.

  • LD2000 has the most font and typeface capabilities. First, it supports the most popular typefaces: Windows' TrueType fonts -- there are thousands available. Second, it supports most Windows characters, including Chinese and other Far Eastern characters. Third, it comes with 26 special "laser" typefaces .
    No other system has this range of support for fonts. Many do not even support TrueType. 

  • MicroScribe3D digitizing armIf you need to create 3D frames, LD2000 lets you "draw" directly in 3D using the MicroScribe digitizing arm. Just trace the optional MicroScribe arm around your 3D object or model. Only one other system is MicroScribe compatible.



The widest variety of import and export options

  • LD2000 can import 10 different laser formats. Most other systems can import about half this number, at best.

  • LD2000 can export complete shows or parts of a show as a series of ILDA frames. You can create a show on LD2000, and then provide it to any system that imports ILDA frames. Most other systems do not offer this capability, so you are locked into their formats for show (or scene) production.

  • LD2000 can export complete shows or parts of a show as a Windows AVI media file. You can create a show on LD2000, and then turn it into an AVI file to give to non-laser clients for preview purposes. No other system has this capability, so you are must do the demo in laser and in person. 


The best Winamp plug-in

  • Click here to see example visualizationsOnly LD2000 includes a free plug-in for the popular Winamp media player for Windows. This AVS/Laser plug-in was written by the author of Winamp himself: Justin Frankel. This plug-in allows you to automatically generate abstracts, graphics and beam effects which are precisely synchronized to any media file. For an example of some of the effects possible, click here. For a video showing the Winamp plug-in in action, click here. No other laser systems include a plug-in for Winamp. 




The most recognizable laser game

  • Pangolin's LD2000 AsteroidsOnly LD2000 includes a free laser version of what is perhaps the most well-known vector game ever -- Asteroids. You can play this classic vector game on your computer monitor, on on up to 20 laser projectors simultaneously. No other laser system offers a free game.





The best Windows and advanced programming capabilities

  • LD2000 easily works with laptop computersLD2000 is the most compatible with Windows-based hardware and software. The QM2000 card plugs into any Windows computer with a standard PCI connection. Alternatively, you can use the QM2000.NET which attaches to any notebook computer. The LD2000 software runs under Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP and VISTA.

  • Only LD2000 lets you program your own applications. Using our LD2000 Software Development Kit (SDK), you can expand the capabilities of the system. We provide access to LD2000's deep-level functions. Clients around the world are using this to create specialized programs and shows, with their own control screens.


The best console hardware

  • Lasershow Performer ConsolePangolin gives you the lowest-cost, highest-function live controller: Lasershow Performer. For less than $1700, you get a professionally-built console, able to withstand disco-type constant hard use. Other systems use the computer keyboard, or have higher priced or lower-quality consoles.




The best documentation and support

  • The CD/DVD set is packed with programs, help files, frames, shows and music.LD2000 comes with a 50-page user manual, and eight help files covering over 700 topics, including laser fundamentals as well as program specifics and tips. The help files alone total over 4MB of information. No other system has such comprehensive documentation.

  • LD2000 has lifetime free updates. You can always download the latest version of your software at no additional charge (or get the latest installation CD/DVD for only a nominal shipping/handling fee). Users of our older LD system had free updates for all eight years of the product's lifespan. At least one other system charges for updates.

  • LD2000 has low-priced upgrades. For upgrades within the LD2000 system (example: from Basic to Pro) you just pay the cost difference. If Pangolin develops a whole new system, you can usually upgrade for about half price during the first year. This makes it easy and affordable to stay with Pangolin. Other systems may charge more for upgrades, or for new systems.

  • Pangolin has comprehensive phone and e-mail support, with a staff of eight people dedicated to LD2000 hardware and software. We try to have 24-hour phone support, so you can get the answers you need at just about any time, day or night. To help you, our staff speaks English, Spanish, Dutch, German, Portuguese and Russian. Other companies may have smaller staffs or may be harder to contact.

  • Pangolin has the most extensive website of any laser software company. There are over 700 webpages here at, covering our products, free downloads, general laser information, and much more. The site itself makes it easy to find the information you need. Other companies provide much less information to clients and potential users -- or may even have outdated information. 

NOTE: All information comparing LD2000 to other systems is to the best of our knowledge; it is based on public information, user comments, etc. Please contact Pangolin if you have any changes or updates to this information. This comparison is 2007, Pangolin Laser Systems Inc. All rights reserved.
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