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Why you should choose LD2000


  A complete laser system
  Easy to make frames
  Drag-and-drop to make a show
  Play shows Live!
  Additional software and support
  Super-fast laser processing
  Used by top companies
  Award-winning software

  LD2000 overview
  Comparing LD2000 with LD
  Comparing LD2000 with other systems
  Pangolin's continual innovation
  Awards won by Pangolin
  Live! cue-playing software
  LivePRO -- Advanced live software
  Lasershow Performer console
  Sample frames
  Differences between versions
Click for more info about using LD2000 with notebooks.
This notebook computer and QM2000.NET has everything needed to create, edit and display laser shows -- including synchronized music and on-screen previews. You can easily work in your hotel room or on-site. Click here for more information about using LD2000 on a notebook.

Lasershow Designer 2000 is the latest program in the Lasershow Designer series of software. This series is used by more laser professionals on Earth than any other software. Why? Because it's powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable.
     LD2000 is a complete system for show production from start to finish. It creates amazing 3D graphics and stunning beam effects like those you've seen from our worldwide clients: laser show companies, theme parks, planetariums, and nightclubs.
     No matter what your level of production -- introductory, basic or pro -- you can create better shows in less time with the advanced features of Lasershow Designer 2000.


A complete laser system

Lasershow Designer 2000 is the all-in-one solution. It is so comprehensive that by using a portable computer, your entire laser production system - including synchronized music and on-screen previews - can fit into a single bag.
    Imagine being on the road, working in your hotel room, while you use LD2000 to create a show for a client:

  • With a digital camera or camcorder, capture the client's image as a digitized photo. LD2000's amazing raster feature turns the image into a TV-like laser-projected photograph.The new VST2002 realtime software allows you to playback captured video streams. (Click here for a sample showing the award-winning photorealistic quality you can get with LD2000.) 

  • Load in one of the over 300,000 already-drawn laser clip art frames included with LD2000. Or call up clip art from Corel or other sources and use the built-in AutoTrace to convert it into a vector (outline) laser frame.

  • Put an audio CD into the CD drive. Mark beats by tapping the keyboard in time to the music. Then drag-and-drop frames onto the timeline, snapping to the exact musical beats.

  • Drag and drop moving lights and other DMX cues onto the timeline to create a true multimedia experience.

  • Preview the show in full color on the computer screen, complete with advanced 3D visualization and music. This is ideal for checking last-minute changes, or for a client approval presentation - no laser projector needed.

As you can see, LD2000 has a tremendous variety of features, all designed so you can easily create client-pleasing productions.

LD2OOO drawing window
LD2000's drawing window. It has both 2D paint and 3D CAD tools.

Easy to make frames

If you know how to use Windows, you'll be right at home with LD2000. There are many different ways to create frames and animations.
     You can draw with the mouse, type text using one of the 26 standard fonts (or any TrueType font in the computer), you can autotrace logos and clip art, project photographs, digitize paper artwork using a graphics tablet, and even rotoscope still video frames using a genlock.
     The front, top and side views work just like a CAD program, to let you create 3D objects and designs. LD2000 has an extensive set of special effects, such as morphing and wrapping frames onto 3D shapes. With the Abstract Generator, you can make beautiful swirling patterns like those seen in psychedelic 1970's planetarium shows. The unbelievable Lasershow Video VST realtime tracing system allows you to trace live or recorded video, up to 30 frames per second.
      And LD2000 handles all four major types of frames:

  • American-style point (digitizing tablet) drawings

  • European-style vector (CAD) drawings

  • Classic planetarium abstracts

  • TV-type photorealistic rasters


The Showtime timeline editor
Showtime's unique timeline editor is in the middle; three tracks are shown. At the right is a list of effects. At the bottom are pictures of frames.
     You get over 120 free shows and demos, plus hundreds of thousands of clip art frames.

Drag-and-drop to make a show

Once you have your frames and animations, the Showtime program puts them together with music. It works with any music: the computer's internal CD player, WAV or MP3 files, MIDI files, and external SMPTE/MIDI cueing.
     There is nothing easier or more precise than Showtime's editor. It uses familiar timelines, like those in Adobe Premiere or Macromedia Director.

  • Pick a frame (or animation), add an effect (such as "rotate" or "fade in"), and put them together on the timeline as an event. Move the event start and stop times to match the music -- it's that simple.

     The power of Showtime lets you use sophisticated transitions like those in TV and computer graphics. Just drag-and-drop to make fades, wipes, zooms, moves, reveals, real-time morphing, color cycling and much more. And with Showtime's masking feature, your foreground laser images can "mask" or hide background laser images. All you do is specify which frames are masking, and which frames will be hidden. Showtime does the rest.

  • Showtime can also trigger external devices such as beams, lumia, fog, pyrotechnics and DMX-controlled moving lights.

     Showtime lets you become much more productive. It is trivial to do stock shows, where you substitute different clients' logos. That's because Showtime is frame-independent. Replace one frame with another, and the show plays exactly the same -- even if one frame is much shorter or longer than another.


The Live! program, built into Showtime
For live shows, the Live! cue-playing software, built into Showtime is perfect.
     Trigger up to 432 cues using a mouse, computer keyboard, MIDI keyboard, or dedicated desk. Each cue can trigger laser graphics, beams, and external devices.

Play shows Live!

The Live! program, built right into Showtime, is used for playing pre-set cues. You set up the cues in advance of your show, by simply loading a show and frames and then selecting the parts you want. To play the cues, you trigger them using the computer keyboard, the mouse or the Lasershow Performer console.
        Forty-eight keys are shown on the Live! screen, arranged in 4 rows of 12 keys per row. In addition, there are nine banks, each with 48 keys, for a total of 432 cues available at one time.

Live! is very comprehensive, with all the controls you need for playing live music shows as well as triggering cues during corporate-type shows. Each cue button (key) can run one of the following cues:

  • Showtime shows or segments: Display an entire Showtime show, part of a show (e.g., module or scene), or any timespan within the show (example: from 00:00:01:00 to 00:02:30:29).

  • Frames and animations: Display a single frame or a sequence (animation). The sequence can simply run, can morph between two frames, or can morph between all selected frames. A Showtime effect (example: zoom in, rotate, change color) can be added to the cue, as well as number of iterations and looping on/off.

  • Text: Display non-moving or scrolling text. Select from 26 fonts. Set font width, height, color (including color cycling), perspective on/off, and scroll speed.

        You can change the overall size, brightness and even the scan speed -- while the cues are running. You can set up Live! for boot-up operation by inexperienced users, with passwords to prevent them from changing the show without your permission.


The Live! program, built into Showtime
The Lasershow Designer 2000 software suite is contained on three CDs. A Tutorial DVD is also included to help you get up and running quickly.

Additional software, shows and support

In addition to the programs described above, the Lasershow Designer 2000 software suite includes the following accessory programs, help files, free shows, clip art and other extras:

  • AutoPlay 2000 --  useful for trade shows or standalone situations where one or more shows must play over and over.

  • TraceIT -- bitmap graphic tracing utility to automatically turn pictures into laser outlines.

  • Lasershow Video VST -- a real-time video to laser converter.

  • LD2000 Asteroids -- a laser version of the classic Asteroids vector game. Up to 4 players can play and the output can be directed to up to 20 scanners simultaneously.

  • AVS/Laser -- music visualization plug-in for the popular Windows Media Player called Winamp.

  • Over 100 shows and demos (laser songs) totaling over three hours of graphics and beam shows, plus over 300,000 clip art frames.

  • Extensive online help via five help files with over 750 pages of topics covering LD (frame editor), Showtime/Live!/Lasershow Performer, the QM2000 board, fundamentals of laser graphics, and the ILDA laser glossary.

  • 50-page printed Installation Manual

  • Free lifetime updates. Download files or order a CD/DVD set, so you always have the latest software, shows and frames.


QM2OOO PCI bus board
The QM2000 board is a complete computer with CPU, memory, and laser output D/A's. This means your show will run the same no matter whether the host PC computer is fast or slow.

Super-fast laser processing

The “secret” to LD2000’s power is its hardware board. Every LD2000 system comes with a Pangolin-manufactured QM2000 board for your PC.
       The QM2000 is a self-contained computer with its own microprocessor, memory and projector control outputs. The board gets commands from the LD2000 and Showtime programs. When displaying a frame, or playing a show, the board does this completely on its own, without relying on the host PC.
       This advanced technology means more reliable shows. In fact, the host PC could even be rebooted during the show, and LD2000 will keep on playing.

  • For laptop computers, choose the Laptop-Friendly version of the QM2000.NET. This is an external box that connects to any computer via a standard Ethernet cable.

Moscow 850th Anniversary Show
In Moscow, sixteen LD systems were networked together. A single laserist controlled an amazing 400 watts from one computer.

Used by top companies for the best shows and products

The Lasershow Designer system is chosen for the world’s best shows because of its hardware and software sophistication.
     For example, one of the largest laser shows in history featured 400 watts of laser power from 16 projectors in Moscow’s Lushniki Stadium. Pangolin developed a network so a single operator could run different show material on every projector, using 16 computers equipped with LD. The show producer chose LD specifically because no other system had this much control.
     Another reason top companies select Lasershow Designer is because it has an open architecture. If they need specialized features, or if they develop a custom product, they can use Delphi, Visual Basic or C to control LD using our Software Development Kit.
     One example is AVI’s Omniscan, the world’s first 360 degree, full-dome planetarium laser projector. It uses custom software to control the laser, lens, and effects — and to control the LD system used for all graphics and beams.

Click here to see Pangolin awards
LD has won many more awards for advanced technology than any other software. And in recent years, LD has been used for far more award-winning laser shows than any other software. Click here for more information about Pangolin's awards.


Award-winning software with a total satisfaction guarantee

You can be sure that LD2000 is the best choice. First, the Lasershow Designer system has won many more awards than any other laser software, including the 2000 ILDA Technology Achievement Award won by the QM2000 board, and the 2002 Technology Achievement Award won by LD2000's Projection Zones feature (patents pending).  In addition, Pangolin has earned the Laserist’s Choice “Brewster” Award for best laser product in 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998. Plus, the included Lasershow Video VST technology won the 1999 ILDA technical award.
       Even better, our clients are creating award-winning shows with the Lasershow Designer system. In recent years, about half of all ILDA Artistic Award winners have used LD for part or all of their entry — significantly more than any other laser software.
       Finally, you can rest assured that you’ll be completely satisfied. LD2000 comes with free lifetime updates and free telephone support. You get an unconditional 90-day money-back guarantee as well. You can try LD2000 risk-free for three months, so you’ll know it meets all your needs.
        There are three different versions of LD2000 -- Pro, Basic and Intro -- so one is just right for you. Soon you’ll be creating your own spectacular laser shows with the worldwide professionals’ choice: Lasershow Designer 2000.

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