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Pangolin is a multi-national organization, having offices in the United States, Central Europe, and Mainland China. Thus, the sun never sets on Pangolin...

Pangolin has been providing software and related systems to the laser display industry since 1986, and has been providing software to the mobile messaging industry since 2000. Products developed and sold by Pangolin include:

  • Lasershow Designer 2000, the world leader in professional laser software. Systems include the award-winning QM2000 hardware.

  • Lasershow Designer QuickShow, the low-cost, easiest-to-use software for casual laser users as well as laser professionals. Systems include the award-winning Flashback 3 hardware.

  • Lasershow Converter MAX, the revolutionary plug-in for 3D Studio MAX.

  • Flashback 3, OEM and USB-based laser control system.

  • Wide Angle Lens systems that provide a full 180 by 360 degree coverage for graphics and beam projection applications.

  • LASORB, the ESD protector for laser diodes.

Pangolin has been an active member of the International Laser Display Association since 1990, and a top-level sponsor of the annual ILDA Conference since 1995.

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Registered Trademark

Pangolin is a registered trademark of Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc., within the United States and internationally.



US Headquarters

Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc.
9501 Satellite Boulevard, Suite 109
Orlando, Florida 32837, USA
Phone: +1-407-299-2088
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Office hours are nominally 10 am until 6 pm, Eastern (New York) time. However, please feel free to call us anytime you need assistance. We know our customers sometimes keep odd hours and we may be answering the phone later than 6 pm.



Central Europe Branch Office and European distribution point

Pangolin d.o.o.
Podutiska 75
1000 Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
Phone: +386-1-517-4270
VAT ID: SI40559114



China Branch Office and Asian distribution point

Phone: +86 20 3828 3317, Fax: +86 20 3828 3317, Mobile: +86 136 8889 8726



European Repair Center

Achillesstraat 3A
4625 CG, Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands
Phone: +31-6-520-38384
VAT ID: NL1477.18.880.B01

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Pangolin Laser Systems was co-founded by William R. Benner, Jr. and Patrick Murphy. The company has produced laser show software and related products since 1986. It is currently owned by William R. Benner, Jr., who serves as President and Chief Technology Officer.


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William R. Benner Jr. is President and CTO of Pangolin Laser Systems. As President, he sets the general strategic direction for the company and oversees all aspects of company operations. As CTO, he is in charge of all hardware and software development as well as research for new products and new directions for the entire laser display industry.
     In addition to having received more than 20 international awards for technical achievement, products invented by William and manufactured by Pangolin are currently used by some of the best-known entertainment and technology companies in the world, including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, DreamWorks pictures, Boeing, Samsung and Lawrence Livermore Labs.
      William holds numerous issued and pending US and International Patents, and has received personal letters of commendation from U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Florida Governor Bob Graham. He has articles published in the SMPTE Journal, The Laserist, LaserFX, EDN magazine and Motorola's Embedded Connection magazine, and is co-author of the best-selling business novels Game Changers, Win, and The Only Business Book You'll Ever Need. William has also been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX television affiliates.
    Beyond his work at Pangolin, William also served for five years as a member of the board of directors of the International Laser Display Association (ILDA) as well as serving for seven years as ILDA's Technical Committee Chairman. He also contributed expertise to outside companies including NEOS, Cambridge Technologies, RMB Miniature Bearings and many others.



Justin Perry is Pangolin's Chief Operating Officer. He oversees the company�s general business, financial, and marketing efforts. In addition, he has assisted in the expansion of the Pangolin�s distribution networks, working with clients around the world to expand the markets served by Pangolin�s laser-display and text messaging products.
     Justin is an alumnus of the University of Central Florida�s School of Business Administration, where he studied Marketing and Finance. His internships included working with the national automotive firm J & L Marketing, where he participated in designing, developing and launching automotive marketing campaigns for companies including BMW, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Chrysler, and General Motors.
     In addition to his current role at Pangolin, Justin was also elected to the International Laser Display Association�s Board of Directors and also serves in the association�s marketing department, currently as its chairman. He has had articles published in industry publications including MONDO DR, TPI magazine, and Lighting and Sound America.
     Justin started his first business at age 17, and has a true passion for marketing and international business strategic partnerships and enjoys collaborating with companies around the world to help grow the laser industry. When not working, Justin and his wife Saori often spend time enjoying Florida�s active outdoor lifestyle.



Alex Dou (Dou Yi) is the director of the China Branch Office located in Guangzhou, China. He received a honors degree in Business English from the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.
     Before joining Pangolin, Alex formerly worked for LFI International. He has extensive computer knowledge from working with computer sales, maintenance, server administration and serving as the Minister for the Network and Information Department (NID) of the school of Business English at Guangdong University.
     Alex is responsible for sales, customer support, dealer relations, translations, forecasting, and general operations within China.


Alexey Sinitsyn received a degree from the Kharkov Air-Space University. His specialties include computers, computing algorithms, computing systems and networks.
     Alexey has written software for a variety of applications including scientific research, nuclear power plant diagnostics, DMX light controllers and laser controllers. Alexey has been working on Laser controllers since 1998 and working on mobile messaging software since 2001.
     Alexey is currently the lead programmer on many of Pangolin's projects, including Lasershow Designer peripheral programs and Interactive Messaging Unlimited.


Valery Furmanov received a degree from the Kharkov Air-Space University. His specialties include computers, computing algorithms, GUI design, system software and networks.
     Valery has worked in a variety of areas including control systems for turbo generators in power plants, medical database software and software for experimental devices. Valery has been working on laser control software since 1997 and on mobile messaging software since 2001.
     Valery is our resident expert for Custom Controls development (all of those pretty buttons, toolbars, scrolling panels, etc.) as well as MCI, DirectX, and the underlying nuts and bolts that most people never see.


Dieter Burkard has studied computers starting in 1983. Since that time he has gained experience in the design of computer electronics and related hardware, and also in computer software using various assembly language variants, C/C++, Delphi and Visual Basic. He has been programming for laser display systems since 1991 and has worked for one of the largest laser companies in Germany. Dieter's current tasks include assembly language programming for the QM2000, and work on the QM2000.NET.


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