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Memory on the QM2000


  Some shows require more memory
  Updated firmware may be required
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  Single-sided DIMMs
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  QM2000 board
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The QM2000 has on-board memory which holds the QM operating system, show data, and frame data. Up to 512MB can be addressed. This is a lot of memory (over 60,000 standard 30K frames), but on the other hand, if you use many raster frames, or computer graphic animations created by one of our conversion programs, the memory can be quickly filled.

Some shows require more memory

For example, you may require more than 256MB of memory if you are using a lot of Raster frames, or computer graphic animations created using one of our conversion programs, such as Lasershow Converter MAX. The, the 4-minute-long Revelation demo is approximately 8,000 frames, which takes up about 50MB.
        Memory prices fluctuate. Click here to find out the current cost to upgrade from the standard 256MB, to 512MB.

256MB or higher require updated firmware

The ability to use 256MB was added on May 10 2001. The ability to use 512MB was added on December 20, 2001. All QM2000 boards with serial number 4200 or higher can use up to 512MB.
        However, if your serial number is 4199 or lower, then you may have older firmware (the QM2000 on-board operating system). To check this, select the Help/About menu in LD2000 or Showtime, click on the "Boards" tab, and look under the "Firmware date" column.
        If the date is earlier than December 20, 2001, and you want to use 256MB or 512MB, you will have to send your QM2000 board to Pangolin so the firmware can be updated. You would have to pay for shipping both ways, plus $50 for the update.
        In addition, we strongly suggest you order a your memory module from Pangolin at the same time. This ensures that 1) you have the correct type of memory, and 2) your board is tested with the new memory. For current pricing of memory modules, click here.



Can I upgrade memory myself?

A number of potential customers have asked about how the QM2000 memory works.
        The first question often asked is whether they can use the host PC computer's memory. The answer is "No". This is because the QM2000's ColdFire processor only accesses the QM2000's on-board memory for displaying laser shows. Your PC could have hundreds of megabytes of memory, and it will not affect the QM2000.
        The next question is whether they can install their own memory modules into the QM2000. The answer is "Yes, but we would prefer you to use memory obtained from Pangolin."
        Here are the details.

Single-sided DIMMs

Click for enlarged viewThe QM2000 uses single-sided (sometimes called "single-rank") dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs). The photo at right shows the front and back of a single-sided DIMM (click photo for an enlarged view). Note that there are no memory chips on the back.
        You can use double-sided DIMMs, but the QM2000 will only use half the memory. For example, a double-sided 512MB DIMM would only provide 256MB to the QM2000.
        It can be hard to tell whether you are purchasing single-sided or double-sided DIMMs, without removing the DIMMs from their packaging and turning them over to see if there are chips on the back. There are also DIMMs which are electrically single-sided, but physically double-sided. Therefore, we recommend you either purchase from Pangolin, or that you purchase from a store where you can return the DIMM if it does not provide the memory capacity you need.

Specially obtained by Pangolin

Pangolin uses Kingston Technology brand memory. In our experience, Kingston offers the highest quality and best reliability. In addition, the memory that we obtain is specially built by Kingston to our OEM specifications. We recommend that you obtain memory directly from Pangolin.

Other memory not covered by warranty

If customers install non-Pangolin memory modules, then they are responsible if there are any problems with the memory. For example, if a QM2000 board is malfunctioning, and we determine the problem is in customer-supplied memory, we'll install our own memory module and charge for the module and for the repair. Of course, Pangolin-supplied memory modules are fully covered under the LD2000 warranty.

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