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Lasershow Converter MAX is a very unique product, not only in the context of laser software, but also in the context of computer graphics software. Lasershow Converter MAX contains a number of advanced features not found in any other product on earth.  You will find a few of them described below.

Fastest rendering times

Lasershow Converter MAX is the absolute fastest Non-Photorealisic Renderer (NPR) on the planet. It is a factor of 1.4 to 2.5 times faster than the its closest NPR competitor.

Real Time Rendering

As a result of its extremely fast speed, Lasershow Converter MAX supports Real Time Rendering of scenes with up to 5000 faces. As you create new objects in 3D Studio MAX or move the camera or change parameters, you will instantly see the result displayed on the laser in real time. This makes working with Lasershow Converter MAX interactive and fun.

Ultra-smooth animation designed specifically for laser displays

3D Studio MAX and other raster animation packages were designed to produce "time-based" animations. That is, they produce animations based on a fixed number of frames per second. While this works wonderfully for film or video, this is less than perfect for laser display. For this reason, Lasershow Converter MAX includes a special rendering method called "Ultra-smooth refresh-based rendering". When you use this method, Lasershow Converter MAX uses a special algorithm that does not generate a fixed number of frames per second. Instead, it generates a variable number of frames per second based on the number of points in each laser frame. The result is the smoothest animations possible that are precisely displayed exactly to the time originally specified in 3D Studio MAX.  

Real and True Hidden Line Removal

While other laser programs claim to have hidden line removal, there are usually severe restrictions on the number of objects that can be in a scene (usually just one object), the placement of the objects (objects can't overlap in 3D space), and the types of objects in the scene (usually only convex objects can be used). Lasershow Converter MAX is capable of dealing with any number of objects and any type of object placed anywhere in a scene. In fact, the objects can even be self-occluding and self-penetrating. No matter what, Lasershow Converter MAX generates the correct result in laser light.

What's more, Lasershow Converter MAX computes the intersecting lines between multiple objects. Intersecting lines are what give a scene a truly solid look, even though the laser is only displaying line art.

A demonstration of the hidden line removal capability, and the computing of intersecting lines can be seen in any animation created with Lasershow Converter MAX, including the 3D Studio MAX demo show and the Pangolin 15-second ID.

Consistent beam path generation

Generating an optimal path for the laser beam to follow while displaying a frame is important to maximize the scanner's throughput and minimize flicker. For an animation (a sequence of frames), it is equally important to generate a beam path that does not change from frame to frame. If the beam path does change from one frame to the next, the viewer will perceive objectionable artifacts. Lasershow Converter MAX contains a number of sophisticated algorithms to ensure that a consistent beam path is generated, and that the path does not change from one frame to the next.

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