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2005 Pangolin User Meeting report


  Introduction to Pangolin and Staff
  Discussion of new features and products
  Laser Show Presentation

  ILDA / SIB 2006 conference




The 14th Annual Pangolin User Meeting was a great success, with people in attendance from the U.S., Japan and Latin America.
        This year, the Pangolin User Meeting was held November 12 -- the second day of the Entertainment Technology Show-LDI. The Pangolin User Meeting was held in a ballroom at the Rosen Plaza hotel in Orlando, right next door to the Orange County Convention Center where LDI was taking place. The general format of the meeting was as follows:

  • Introduction of Pangolin staff, and of individuals present

  • Discussion of the new features in Pangolin software, hardware and tools from Pangolin

  • Lunch and T-shirt give-away

  • Video presentation and discussion of laser shows being done by several Pangolin users

  • Laser presentation and discussion of laser shows from past Pangolin Prize competitions

  • Question and Answer session and "Wrap-up"

Introduction to Pangolin and Staff

During this portion of the meeting, Pangolin’s president William Benner introduced Pangolin Laser Systems and a member of the staff of Pangolin. Meeting attendees also stood up and said a little bit about themselves.

(Older photo courtesy of Laser Visuals Limited)

Demonstration of new features and software

During this portion of the meeting, the new features of the LD2000 system were demonstrated, including updates to Projection Zones, DMX Input for Live! and LivePRO, and added value to the LD2000 platform including more tracks and more laser shows with licensed music.
        In addition to the discussion of LD2000 features, several completely new products were shown including a re-brandable piece of software that can be used with the Flashback series of laser controllers.

Hardware presentation

During this portion of the meeting, a few new hardware products were shown which are now available from Pangolin. One of them is a USB 2.0 daughter board for the Flashback series of laser controllers.

Lunch and T-shirt give-away

Pangolin continued its tradition of providing a several meal options for lunch, which also took place in the meeting room. Meeting attendees also took this as an opportunity to chat with each other and to share experiences on show setups and projection hardware. And there were two different T-shirts which attendees could choose from -- our traditional raster "LD Model" T-shirt, as well as our "Laser Show Staff" T-shirt which we had in a prior year.

Video presentation from Takehiro Hayashi and Ryan Waters

Shortly after lunch, Takehiro Hayashi showed a video tape of the latest work that he is doing in Japan using Lasershow Converter MAX. It was a Vegas-themed laser show, currently being seen at a Theme Park in Japan.
     After Takehiro's presentation, Ryan Waters showed a Video Slide show of the work he has done with the LD2000 system during various tours across the U.S. promoting Acura, Honda and other corporate icons.


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